Our Photoalbums are available in these standard sizes: 23x23/30 sh. - 33x33/50 sh. - 30x30/30 sh. - 30x30/40 sh. - 35x35/50 sh. - Guestbooks (25x25cm/80 sh. or 25x30/80sh.)

Code: 109 design 2018
Material: LINEN

Personalized wedding album in natural tones ... Linen with a very special flocked cardboard detail.

Code: 108 design 2018

Very special combination of dark red and two-tone linen for an all-time-classic wedding album.

Code: 104 design 2017
Material: VINYL

One of the most famous paintings of our times: Klimt's "The Kiss", the perfect motif for a wedding album. Cicle print, dark grey vinyl with a satin bow.

Code: 102 design 2017
Material: Artificial Leather
Code: 103 design 2017
Material: Vinyl
Code: 124 design 2009
Material: Vinyl