Photo-Box with double CD-holder

Code: DVDSTICK design 2017
Material: CANVAS

DVD case with included stick holder. Available in various colours and with embossed logo. 8 €/pc.

Code: DVD 1 design 2017
Material: LINEN

Beige linen, lace and a button made out of used book pages. 15 € (2 pcs.)

Code: DVD 3 design 2017
Material: LINEN

Light brown linen, decorated with lace and closable with a floral fabric button. 15 € (2 pcs.)

Code: DVD 4 design 2017
Material: CANVAS

DVD cases covered with pale blue canvas. 14€/2 pcs.

Code: CD/Box

Personalized CD-Box with CD sleeves up to 4 CDs

Code: DVD 2 design 2017
Material: CANVAS

DVD case made out of bright linen.  14 €/2 pcs.

Code: DVD 8 design 2017
Material: Kraft Paper

Set of 2 DVD cases, made out of kraft paper, embellished with laces, ribbons and selfmade buttons. (13 €/Set)

Code: DVD 9 design 2017
Material: CANVAS

Set of 2 DVD cases, covered with creme canvas. Embellished with handmade fabric flowers. (15 €/Set)

Code: DVD10 design 2016
Code: DVD11 design 2016